We have 9 stud males here at Joma.

Ambersun Thunder Bolt

DOB:10.03.2007 - Solid White - IAR: 135706

Sire: Ambersun Peruvian Achilles
Dam: Ambersun Nikkei

Our main herd sire. A gentle giant, keen worker, never in a hurry unless he thinks there is” work” to be done. He has improved all our progeny as is evident in the show ring. He himself is a multiple first and broad ribbon winner in both fleece and lead classes.His fleece is bright,even and crimpy.

Fleece stats 2012 M 24.7 SD 4.6 CF 90.2

Joma Gideon

DOB:13.10.2009 - Solid White - IAR: 166362

Sire: Jolimont Warrior
Dam: Jingana Guinevere

Multiple first and broad ribbon winner in both fleece and lead classes. He has just had his first progeny on the ground, we are very pleased with the results. Gentle easy going nature

Fleece stats 2013 M 23.6 SD 5.1 CF 90.4

Joma Sam

DOB:30.12.2007 - Medium Fawn - IAR: 109510

Sire: Shanbrooke Accoyo Shere Impact
Dam: Joma Zus

Compact very dense male, very keen worker, gentle nature. Multiple ribbon winner with his first progeny just starting to arrive with very pleasing results. Has excellent blood lines----his sire has been exported to UK.

Fleece stats 2013 M 30.5 SD 6.4 CF 56.5

Wyterrica Extraordinaire

DOB:25.11.2009 - Black - IAR: 160892

Sire: Wyterrica Propaganda
Dam: Wyterrica Platinium Princess

Sired by W. Propaganda , Has just started working with our girls and we are looking forward to the results. Again a very gentle easy to handle animal. Well proportioned, very solid boned animal with a bright fine fleece.

Closed to outside matings. However progeny available

Fleece stats M 23.1 SD 5.4 CF 90.4.

Ambersun Seville

DOB:21.11.2005 - Solid Light Fawn - IAR: 135684

Sire: Jolimont Warrior
Dam: Ambersun Sophistication

Boss boy of our studs, does not take a backward step. A very keen assertive worker. He has given us many great progeny.

Fleece stats 2012 M 25.6 SD 4.8 CF 85.6

Andmar Paddy

DOB:25.04.2006 - Light Fawn - IAR: 88819

Sire: Andmar Brent James
Dam: Berringar Chamanie

New boy on the block with an extremely dense, fine fleece Previous owners had not used him in stud work, we look forward to seeing his first progeny in mid May 2013.

He has 4 Supreme ribbons to his name [judge remarked that his fleece is extremely dense and fine]

Very fertile and very keen to work

No fleece stats at this stage.

Aviana Farms Kushiro

DOB:30.12.2008 - Dark Brown - IAR: 148331

Sire: Barrabinda Bonza Star
Dam: Aviana Farms Sachiko

Another new boy on the block, very even in colour and good solid bones. He has just started work on our farm, we look forward to the results in 2014.

Fleece stats 2012-- not available as yet.

Joma Olympus

DOB:29.02.2008 - Solid White - IAR: 143258

Sire: Shanbrooke Accoyo Rasputin
Dam: Warralinga Chantilly Lace

Extremely dense, well framed animal who is always first at the gate in case he can do some work with “the girls”. Very fertile, first and broad ribbons [a senior judge’s comment --- excellent, solid, desirable stud male].

Fleece stats 2012 M 27.6 SD 5.9 CF 71.2

Greenwood Bandit

DOB:15.03.2012 - Medium Grey - IAR: 192028

Sire: Alvaston Burnt Sienna
Dam: Greenwood Bella Belle