Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

Thunder Bolt



Lydia and Jacqueline

Feeding time

Joma Lydia getting special treatment
- our friendliest girl

A few of our herd

One of our agistment paddocks

Joma Safina - 1 hour old

our herd - friendly and easy to catch

Honeysuckle and Hanna

Cute am I not?

Rachel as a young cria hiding behind mum

Zambia and Zane

2012 weanlings
Come any closer and I will spit but thanks anyway

Beautiful Tobias one of the many weanlings from 2012

Crias 2013
Here’s looking at you

Bubbles on creche duty with some of 2013 crias

What a relief, doing what Mum taught me to!!!!

Just chilling out with Mum

Thunder Bolt at work
I will get you whatever way you sit!!!!!!

Do you smell safe enough to trust you ??

Hans and Lydia

Must be some nice hay there!!!!

Tulips festival
Tip toe through the tulips


Summer 2011-2012
Very wet paddocks that summer

What we woke up to one winters morning in Merton, bbbbrrrr!!!!

Did you send this cold stuff?

Garden shot
Summer beauty

Yes we have also bottle fed lambs