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Females for Sale

Joma Lyhansimar

DOB:24.02.2011 - Medium Fawn - IAR: 168184

Sire: Ambersun Seville
Dam: Joma Lydia

Has just been paddock mated to Andmar Paddy from end March to beginning May. A more friendly female we have never experienced, almost to the point of being a nuisance. This trait however has been great for visitors that come to see our alpacas

Fleece stats 2012 M 23.8 SD 5 CF 91.6

Joma Rachel

DOB:21.03.2011 - Medium Fawn - IAR: 168173

Sire: Ambersun Thunder Bolt
Dam: Aviana Farms Riannova

Beautiful looking female and a fleece to match; even fine and crimpy. She has been a multiple ribbon winner. Just unpacked a medium fawn female cria on 05/04/2013 with lots of promise. Would be an asset to any fawn breeder

Fleece stats 2012 M 20.3 SD 4.2 CF 98.5

Joma Jemima

DOB:16.02.2011 - White - IAR: 168179

Sire: Ambersun Thunder Bolt
Dam: Joma Jasmyn

A quiet girl with a good fleece.

Fleece stats 2012 M 22.4 SD 3.8 CF 96.4

Joma Amadea

DOB:11.02.2011 - White - IAR: 168183

Sire: Ambersun Thunder Bolt
Dam: Fleur De Lys Aphrodite

A very inquisitive female especially when new cria arrive. Well grown animal with good fleece stats.

Fleece stats 2012 M 22.3 SD 4.8 CF 94.4

Joma Tama

DOB:28.03.2011 - White - IAR: 168176

Sire: Ambersun Thunder Bolt
Dam: Warralinga Chantilly Lace

Young maiden just paddock mated to Andmar Paddy at end March to beginning April 2013.Fine ,bright, crimpy fleece, top genetics.

Fleece stats 2012 M 19.5 SD 4.5 CF 98.8

Joma Lauretta

DOB:18.03.2012 - White - IAR: 178607

Sire: Joma Olympus
Dam: Fleur De Lys Lauren Belle

Very well grown young female, she has been paddock mated to Thunder Bolt end March and beginning April 2013.Should prove to be a terrific result with these top genetics

Fleece stats 2012 M 19.9 SD 4.7 CF 98.5

Joma Ziphirah

DOB:14.04.2011 - White - IAR: 168169

Sire: Ambersun Seville
Dam: Joma Zus

A friendly maiden that has just been paddock mated to our to herd sire Thunder Bolt end March and beginning April 2013. Should be a pleasing result

Fleece stats 2012 M 22.6 SD 4.8 CF 93.9

Males for Sale

Andmar Paddy

DOB:25.04.2006 - Light Fawn - IAR: 88819

Sire: Andmar Brent James
Dam: Berringar Chamanie

New boy on the block with an extremely dense, fine fleece Previous owners had not used him in stud work, we look forward to seeing his first progeny in mid May 2013.

He has 4 Supreme ribbons to his name [judge remarked that his fleece is extremely dense and fine]

Very fertile and very keen to work

No fleece stats at this stage.

Joma Olympus

DOB:29.02.2008 - Solid White - IAR: 143258

Sire: Shanbrooke Accoyo Rasputin
Dam: Warralinga Chantilly Lace

Extremely dense, well framed animal who is always first at the gate in case he can do some work with “the girls”. Very fertile, first and broad ribbons [a senior judge’s comment --- excellent, solid, desirable stud male].

Fleece stats 2012 M 27.6 SD 5.9 CF 71.2

Joma Cosmo

DOB:26.02.2010 - Medium Fawn - IAR: 166351

Sire: Ambersun Thunder Bolt
Dam: Joma Cornelia

This male has a beautiful easy to manage nature but still very assertive when it comes to “working” .
He is fertile, certification is still pending, will be guaranteed . He has a lovely bright soft crimpy fleece, has won ribbons in the show ring

Fleece stats 2012 M 22.1 SD 4.4 CF 95.9

Joma Hannu

DOB:24.03.2011 - Light Fawn - IAR: 168172

Sire: Ambersun Thunder Bolt
Dam: Prestige Honeysuckle

Stunning bright even crimpy fleece that has earned him multiple first and broad ribbons in both fleece and lead classes. He has the same laid back gentle nature as his sire Thunder Bolt. Certification is still pending it will be guaranteed.

Fleece stats 2012 M 16.9 3.6 CF 100

Buxton Park Bellebeau

DOB:18.06.2011 - Dark Fawn - IAR: 163192

Sire: Lee Carrow Jim-Bob
Dam: Traron Bellona

A newly acquired male that has so far had multiple first and broad ribbons in both fleece and lead classes. His sire Jim-Bob has been exported. Great genetics.
not certified, very keen to work, fertile.

Fleece stats 2012 M 21.7 SD 3.7 CF 97.3